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Lessons from celebrities: How to save money

They have millions of dollars and live in luxury. There is almost nothing they can not buy. However, this does not mean that celebrities do not spend their money and do not manage their investments wisely. Most of them were not born with a golden spoon in their mouth, moreover they had to live for years with a much more limited budget before they hit their glory.

And what is more interesting, many stars have not completely spoiled their new lifestyle and tremendous opportunities and continue to use small „tricks“ that save them money.

Check some financial lessons you can learn from some of the biggest Hollywood’s names:

1. Live below the standard you can afford

Jennifer Lawrence is a mega star, who earns millions for each role after her huge success in „Games of Hunger“. But that does not prevent her from driving Chevrolet and living in a two-room apartment in Los Angeles. The actress does not hide that she prefers to park her own car instead of paying someone else to do it.

2. Do not spoil yourself too much

Swedish entrepreneur and founder of the IKEA chain Ingvar Kamprad has been a billionaire for a while, but he has even refused to use a private jet because it feels unnecessary waste and instead flies in an economy class. The businessman is not a fan of caviar and champagne, he prefers the Swedish meatballs he buys from the store.

In his memoir, Camper wrote: „We do not need shiny cars, representative titles, costumes, or other status symbols. We rely on our strength and will. “

3. Shop on sales

Another actress who spends her money wisely, is the famous screen vampire killer – Buffy. Sarah Michel Gellar has a healthy diet with organic products, but she reveals,that while shopping in the supermarket she always asks which food is on sale.

„Why pay more for something that someone else pays less for?“, she told the Self magazine couple of years ago.

4.  Be modest with your clothes

At times when the media flood us with expensive brands – sign of status and prestige, it is quite interesting that there are celebrities who are not afraid to shop at cheaper stores or be photographed by paparazzi wearing the same clothes in different situations .

Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon has revealed she is betting on more sporty outfits when she’s not on the red carpet. And for her varied wardrobe, she sometimes shares clothes with her friends.

Pop icon Justin Timberlake confessed to Guardian that he is buying clothes once a year, and the former US first lady Michelle Obama has repeatedly been spotted in US stores for cheap clothing.

5. Save your income

TV presenter Jay Leno once told Parade: „When I was a kid, I worked in two places – as a salesman at Ford and at McDonald’s. I was spending the money on one job and everything else on the other I was saving. Today I continue to do the same. So far, I have not spent a cent of the money I’ve made on TV. “

6. Use public transport

Urban transport can definitely save you money, and over the years, not one or two celebrities have chosen it as an option for transportation. Ed Sheeran, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Harry Styles, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks … are just some of the celebrities that can be spotted using the subway.

7.  Do not spend too much on a car

The next star, who does not want to show off his status and does not even want to drive the last car model, is the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. With a net worth like his (about $ 70 billion up to date), he can change Porsche with Lamborghini every month, but instead he chooses to drive something quite practical – the Volkswagen GTI.