‘Fast Payout’ service by TBI Bank

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‘Fast Payout’ service by TBI Bank

Have technical issues ever gotten in the way of you paying your credit installments on time? Perhaps putting some money away to cover your monthly installment slipped your mind after having to deal with unforeseen expenses? Or maybe you just didn’t have the time to stop by a bank branch, or your internet access was restricted exactly on the day you have to pay said installment? Not to worry, things like this can happen to anyone! It’s not a particularly nice situation to have to deal with, because it only causes you stress and adds on interest, so we developed the perfect solution to help you avoid it in the future. 

TBI Bank offers you an innovative and extremely convenient pay-as-you-go service – ‘Fast Payout’, thanks to which you can literally forget about your repayment installments. Using a debit card of your choice, TBI Bank can simply receive a direct debit on the required amount. 

Why choose ‘Fast Payout’?

-    It's a completely automated process, and you're not required to do anything at all!

-    You are not obliged to open an account in TBI Bank to use this service. You just need to have a current account in any Bulgarian bank with enough money to cover your monthly credit instalment.

-    We give you choice - a range of debit card types to work with: Maestro, Debit MasterCard, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Vpay and all of their derivatives, issued by a Bulgarian bank or Maestro and MasterCard Gold issued by TBI Bank EAD.

-    The odds of forgetting about the instalments or finding yourself with little money because of it are slim because the card holds an amount equal to the monthly debt 15 days before the maturity date (the amount is also covered by the automatic repayment charge).

-    And to ensure your awareness of the amounts being taken out of your account, we send you an e-mail for each card payment from the operator through which it is being made.

Apply within minutes!

1. In order to apply for a ‘Fast Payout‘ service, you must have a loan from us (Consumer or otherwise from TBI Bank EAD).

2. You can inform one of our employees in a TBI Bank branch or a partnering retailer that you want to take advantage of the service and he/she fills out a form on the spot.

3. After the form, disclosing information on the debit card from which automatic repayments will be withdrawn is filled out, and the information is verified by one of our employees, you can now take full advantage of the service.

And then you can forget about setting alarms, calendars or other creative reminders for making installment payments. 

Quick, easy, fitted just for you. TBI Bank values customer ease and comfort. 

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