How to survive the summer heat in the office

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How to survive the summer heat in the office

You look forward to the summer, but when the heat strikes and you are far from the sea and the mountain, it is a real torture to stay in the office. Hot temperature is not to be underestimated and if you don`t take good care of yourself, you can compromise your health.

Here are some useful tips to help you survive the summer heat in the workplace:

Drink more water

Your body sweats twice as much in the summer as any other season and there is a higher risk of dehydration. You need to drink more fluids to keep your body healthy and in good condition. 

Make it easier and put a bottle of water at your desk, where you can see it all the time and it is at an arm's length.
And if you feel your body temperature has risen, you can rub a few drops of cold water into your neck and wrists to cool yourself. 

Reduce caffeine

For some of you coffee-free mornings are unthinkable, but keep in mind that caffeine increases your heart rate and blood flow and speeds up your metabolism, all of which raise your body temperature.

In addition, it is a diuretic and promotes the disposal of body fluids, which is not recommended during the hot summer.
Try to reduce the coffee or at least dilute it with water or milk.

Wear comfortable clothes in light colors

You spend at least 8 hours in the office, so why not feel comfortable? Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk are best because they absorb sweat, and its evaporation will help you stay cool. They also do not cause irritation and additional sweating of the body like many artificial fabrics.
Your body needs to breathe, allow it!

The sun doesn`t shine directly in the office but keep in mind, that dark colors and especially the black are a magnet for the heat because they absorb light, while lighter colours reflect it. We recommend that you dress in lighter tones to keep you cool even indoors.

Close the windows 

You want to work in a cooler space? Then you need to close the window. When temperatures are high, the outside air is often even hotter than that in the room. If there is no wind to cause air circulation, it`s better not to open the window and rely on the air conditioner.
In any case, do not keep air conditioning and an open window at the same time, as the cold air goes out.

Eat smaller meals 

You can`t wait for your lunch break to come, so you can eat something tasty and delicious to charge you with energy to survive the day. Pay attention! When you eat a large meal, your body must work harder to digest it, pushing your metabolism into overdrive, which increases your body temperature. Better eat regularly small snacks throughout the day instead of larger meals and you’ll feel much cooler.

Frozen snacks

Hunger is nobody`s friend, so don`t torture yourself and put something in your stomach. Fruits with a high percentage of water like watermelon, berries and grapes are suitable for the summer heat in the office treats are... They can cool you better if you keep them in the fridge. 

Even more tempting are the iced fruit pieces/popsicles or ice cream. Many companies take care of their employees and load fruit and refreshing drinks daily. TBI Bank has done something even more awesome, putting ice cream freezers on each floor so that the Bank's employees can refresh themselves with something tasty and favorite at any time.


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