Impress her with something unforgettable

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Impress her with something unforgettable

The Hollywood icon Merilyn Monroe once said: “Diamonds are girl’s best friend ”, but we believe that you can impress your woman for The Woman’s Day with a lot more things. 

Flowers are a MUST 

Buying your woman a flower is a nice gesture that will always be appreciated. There are many different beautiful bouquets, baskets and pots that will make her smile on her holiday or any other day.
Even if you give her just one flower, you won’t do wrong. But try to be creative and choose a flower that has a special meaning - the red rose symbolizes love, calla - beauty, the red tulip says "I love you", the squill shows trustworthy, and the hyacinth reveals modesty.

A gift shows affection 

Flowers are nice compliment but the gift is what will make her “gasp”. What Merilyn said has some merit – beautiful jewelry will definitely make an impression on your lady and will show her how much you appreciate her. She would be so proud and excited of her present and would like to show it to the whole world. Are you ready for such grand gesture? Now you can afford it shopping online in installments with TBI Bank from our partners, offering unique jewelry with diamonds and precious stones.

You want to impress her with another luxury accessory? Choose from the hundreds of modern boutique watches, glasses and jewels that are available in installments with TBI Bank as well. 

She already has all kinds of jewels? It's not the end of the world, you have other options. Let's think together what women enjoy ...

Rare perfumes, high heeled shoes, beautiful underwear (you'll also enjoy it, so the investment is worth it) and why not some fitness gear to make it more convenient for her to exercise at home? Do not calculate how much it will cost you, we already did that for you. And yes, you can afford these purchases. Check out some more of our partners you can shop online in installments with TBI Bank. 

The message shows emotion 

Make your surprise unforgettable by expressing your feelings on paper. You nailed the amazing, expensive gift, you gave her the flowers she already expected and now you need to verbalize your feelings for her. It’s not necessary to write novels. A simple “I love you”, “You are the most special person for me”, “You are the light of my life” is enough 

Gifts may give a clue about your feelings, but your woman needs to hear them both written and spoken. 
We gave you some ideas, now it is up to you to surprise your woman in the best possible way.