Tell us what you spend on and to tell you who you are

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Tell us what you spend on and to tell you who you are

Psychology is a science that has been studied for many years, but recently more and more interesting researches and experts reveal how easily you can read a person and predict his/her behaviour without being a psychologist.

An interesting study on the topic focuses on people's spending habits as a key to reveal their nature. Or put in other words - tell me what you spend on to tell you who you are!

The study, published in Psychological Science, analyzes the online payments of over 2 million purchases from 2,000 people, dividing them into specific types according to their behavioral habits and the goods /services purchased. In addition, the participants answered a short questionnaire to make the results more accurate.

"Millions of people spend their money electronically (online purchases, credit cards, etc.) and now we have the opportunity to do a detailed study of a person's behavioral attitudes towards their spending habits," explains Joe Gladstone, a professor of human behavior at the University College London and one of the leading researchers of the study.

Among the most interesting findings of the study is that after work, people often spend money on food, household goods and other house living  supplies. However, what releases information about a person's personality are other purchases such as:


If you spend a lot of money on vacations and flights abroad, you're more extrovert, open to new people and experiences.

Eating and drinking

People who like to indulge in eating and invest large sums in nutrition are usually quite social, extrovert and curious in nature.
Investment and savings

Do you think about your future and deposit your savings in a safe place? If yes, then according to the research, you are a responsible and pragmatic person, who does not spoil himself/herself. Plus you have an eye for detail.

Charity, money for the homeless 

To give money from time to time to a homeless child or an old man is a humanity. If you constantly pay the beggars and street sellers, you are very good person, quick to get along with others, easy to communicate with and even a little naive.

Unnecessary things

There are a lot of people, who buy all kinds of things without really needing them, whether it is clothes, jewelry, gadgets or even food. If you think you are among them, you often suffer from anxiety, you are more neurotic in nature and tend to be pessimistic. You probably also prefer loneliness over being in big companies.

Researchers also found out, that people who claim to have high self-control, pay less in bank costs. Those who are more neurotic are less likely to engage in a mortgage because they have shorter-term goals.

And now, after you got educated, did you find which of these groups you belong to?


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