Yes, your data and your loan are secured in our TBI Bank mobile app

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Yes, your data and your loan are secured in our TBI Bank mobile app

You are lucky to be living in the 21st century. Today’s life is more digital than ever, helping in saving time and efforts. You can now shop online; pay your bills and taxes online; book tickets and trips online; make any appointments online, and many more. You can even finish your higher education online and get a diploma, so what is stopping you from getting a loan online?

It's fast, it's easy, it's safe, and your data and bank loan are fully protected. With the TBI Bank mobile app you have continuous access to your credit, which you can monitor and manage with just a few clicks.

Very soon TBI Bank will give you the unique opportunity to apply, sign a contract and get disbursement of your loan fully digitally, without visiting a branch or meeting any bank employee. The service is accessible, the approval is instant and most importantly - your credit and your data are fully protected!

How it happens?

Let’s start with the fact that you are the only person who has access to your account in the TBI Bank mobile application. We took care of this by providing you with an OTP code from the very beginning when registering, in order to confirm your phone number.

OTP code

The OTP code is a one-time fixed-term authorization code. Once you enter it, you can create your personal passcode.

For every transaction through the application, you will always receive an OTP code for confirmation, which is equivalent of electronic signature and approves the corresponding transaction, so the possibility of fraud and misuse of your money is minimized.

Security measures don't stop here! Your access to the application can be even more secure if you choose a biometric access method.

Biometric access method

Complex passwords are difficult to remember, because they are a combination of several digits, and there is still a chance of breaking them. However, your biometric data (face, fingerprint) is unique. If your mobile device supports the fingerprint or face recognition option, you can set them up and access the application faster and easier.

Don't worry, your personal passcode also remains as an access option, if your fingerprint (your face) is not recognized 3 times in a row. To avoid such situations, simply use clean and dry finger before touching the device

Self ID process

Before you start using your TBI Bank mobile application, you have another security measure in place - document and identity verification. This is a mandatory requirement by law when using banking services and products. It has occurred to you many times before. When visiting a bank branch, an employee always asks for your ID card, and since you have a physical contact, he/she can immediately recognize if you match the person on the ID card.

In order to be able to apply for a loan via your mobile phone; to disburse the amount; pay installments/bills, etc., you also need to go through an identification process. And since everything is happening online and you have no physical contact with a bank employee, it happens the following way:

- Give the app access to your camera and gallery, take and upload a selfie;

- You take and upload pictures of both sides of your ID card;

If the information matches, you are granted access approval and you can start using the application.

In case there is a problem with reading and matching data and images, an employee from our Customer Service Center will contact you.

Contact a bank employee

We want you to be well informed. If you have any difficulties or issues during any of the processes in the mobile application, you can always contact us on 0700 17 571 / *8242 or send us your questions via the contact form in the app.

Storage of personal data

As you have already seen, we are taking seriously all measures to protect your data and transactions through the app. Thus, do not worry about providing personal information and images of your ID card. Collected data is carefully stored and used according to the requirements of the applicable legislation. You can learn more detailed information about retrieving and storing your data in our banking system by reading ourPrivacy Policy.

Now, don’t waste more time!  Download the TBI Bank mobile application and take full control of your credit anytime, anywhere.

You can download the application from here:

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