The ellipse is gone, or how TBI Bank got a refreshed logo

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The ellipse is gone, or how TBI Bank got a refreshed logo

Knowing when a change is due is difficult. As a future oriented bank with a serious digital credo, change is a constant for us. And today is one of those times when something fresh is due: We begin the phased migration to our refreshed logo. Our goal is to better resonate with customer preferences and take another step forward towards our digital transformation.

Our priority is to remain focused on customers and our promise is to become the next generation digital lender. To ensure we are in line with that, we brought on board skilled designers from London and together with them we spent numerous hours discussing current design and user experience trends out there to refresh our brand identity. We wanted to align it with upcoming high-tech banking solutions that are ever more applicable to our customers’ needs.

The task taught us a lesson or two about difficult choices regarding seemingly simple things. Over the course of several months, we considered various ideas to become more recognisable in reference to our next gen promise, while not at the expense of perceived customer trust.

The brand refreshment includes the removal of the ellipse from TBI. Focus is kept on “TBI” by boldening the new, modern spelling. The implementations are in line with the market study we conducted in order to continue conveying reliability. "Combining cutting-edge design techniques with localised research, we came up with an easy-to-recognise visual identity that plays well with preferences on the local market, while not overdoing it to ensure no confusion is caused for our customers", TBI Bank's Marketing director Kristina Shtereva says. 

The migration to the new logo starts with our digital channels and will gradually involve the phased change of our branches in Bulgaria and Romania, including TBI Credit and TBI Leasing.


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