Denis Brodsky joins TBI Bank as our new Chief People Officer

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Denis Brodsky joins TBI Bank as our new Chief People Officer

As many international companies nowadays, we at TBI Bank also face the challenges of transforming into a workplace embracing innovation and entrepreneurial culture. However, we know that this transformation comes through experienced and determined managers – experts but also inspiring leaders. 

We are happy to present the next leader joining TBI Bank’s team. And even more so to welcome someone who will directly impact the transformation of our company. The name of the man is Denis Brodsky, our new Chief People Officer.

He has broad experience at senior management positions responsible for people in large, multicultural organizations. Denis started his journey in HR field more than 20 years ago as recruitment officer and built impressive career track, becoming one of the most reputable HR professionals in Ukraine. He worked in different industries and across 15 countries. His previous experience includes companies such as Reemtsma International, GlaxoSmithKline, Miratex, EastOne and many more. 

Denis’ work will be focused on taking TBI Bank’s people management to the next level by empowering entrepreneurial spirit within the organization and nurturing a cool working environment for the best Bulgarian and Romanian talents.

“I am excited to join TBI Bank’s strong management team and support the vision for the future based on digital transformation, says Denis Brodsky. Internally, we say that technology is only a small part of it and the people with the right mindset are much more crucial for it to happen. I am confident that we already have the right people with the right mindset in place – and with the support of my team and me personally the results of their work will soon be visible”. 

“Denis is an example of an impact maker – he has the required attitude to leave a mark on TBI Bank’s culture. We are glad to have him on board to enable our team to prosper through his amazing experience and exceptional passion for his work”, says Petr Baron, CEO of TBI.


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