Monthly Wrap-Up: August

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Monthly Wrap-Up: August

Unlike most of us, TBI Bank’s Monthly Wrap-Up doesn’t rest. Well, it still has some similarities to your vacation. It's cool and friendly like the waiter in a beach taverna, honest like your partner’s comments for your beachwear, but, again, it’s not off in August. So here it’is coming at you like Harry Kane towards the Bulgarian defence.


TBI Bank’s August Wrap-Up
Time for chilling?
But not for us.


What we achieved

Look around for our new cars

As you already know, we take branding very seriously – last year we’ve refreshed our logo and most recently our creative look and feel. We’re also gradually refreshing our branches. All this is part of TBI Bank’s transformation towards a more modern, digital, and fully inclusive lender. But our branches do not move… So we’ve decided to rebrand our fleet of company cars in order to make sure we are seen on the streets of Sofia and on the Bulgarian highways. You can already see the cars roaming and admire speed, beauty and quality all in one. They look so beautiful, that we’re thinking we might have inspired Bugatti Chiron’s look ;) Even more: Our cars also bear our core message – always look for the shortcut. Try to do things differently, quicker, and more efficiently. It’s in the core of everything we do, and we are so eager to show it off. Give us a shout if you see one of our rebranded cars on the street!


Automatic decision for your POS loan

People often say that the best players in the world do not get the praise they deserve. They are often the driving force behind the success, despite the fact that sometimes they don’t fall under the spotlight. This is precisely the story of Bankly – TBI Bank’s very own front-end app, which is used by our own sales force team and partner’s network to process your point-of-sale loan application. Bentley, eeerm, Bankly makes it possible for them to enter your data and quickly find out if you are approved for a loan. Here’s the big news: Up to now it often took us some time for your application to be analyzed. As of now, you can receive a response almost on the moment, since the app in Romania is fully automated. You get to see instantly whether you’re approved or declined. This functionality is a significant step in our journey to digitalization. It’s a long one, but we’re quickly getting there.


We value our people. And make sure they know it

TBI Bank is proudly committed to attract the best talent in Bulgaria, Romania, and across the new markets we’re constantly entering (read below :) ).  It’s not always the easiest of things but, rest assured, we take the matter very seriously and try even harder. But once we have them on board, we don’t stop here. We not only show these people how special they are, but we make sure the whole TBI Bank family knows about it. During our last town hall meeting this August, a TBI Bank tradition we already told you about, we invited and awarded the best performing sales agents from throughout Bulgaria. Look at the picture in the link - probably you'll recognize your favourite sales agent :) We rewarded their passion and dedication to serving you, our customers, and the goals of the company. Colleagues from all over the country attended the event at Kino Kultura in Sofia or joined us via our live YouTube streaming channel. Some were smiling, others were a bit shy and yet others were just as calm and cool as on day on the job. But guess what? Every one of them was immensely proud, as much as we are with them. Congrats, team!   


Where we failed

It takes us too much time to fully automate lending in Bulgaria

We take automation and digitalization very seriously. So, when we couldn’t deliver automatic responses to our clients regarding the status of their loan application, we weren’t happy. And we took note of it. We worked very hard during the past months to come up with a solution to that. As you’ve already noted, since the end of August, our front-end app is fully capable of delivering automated responses to loan applications in Romania. Our Bulgarian partners are still waiting to get a similar feature. But we can assure you that the testing phase of the app is running. So, we’re definitely on the right track of fully automating our lending process.


Our plans 

TBI Bank keeps looking for new markets

Over the years, TBI Bank has proved to be one of the most internationally minded banks on the Bulgarian market. Not only we’re working together with colleagues from over 15 different nationalities, but we’re also operating abroad! We’re already among the leaders of the consumer financing in Romania in Bulgaria, growing our deposits portfolio in Germany, and licensed to operate in Sweden and Denmark. But, as always, we’re constantly analysing new opportunities. TBI Bank is always on the search for new markets, which could allow us to achieve operating synergies with 4finance and its entities. Our team has worked hard on an expansion project and we are on the finish line of receiving passportisation for one of the fastest growing European markets market. It's a move that will further increase our efficiency and profitability. Stay tuned for more information!


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