Monthly Wrap-Up: July

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Monthly Wrap-Up: July

Hey there, here it is: Our Monthly Wrap-Up for July. In it each month we at TBI Bank explain in a transparent, honest and friendly Tone of voice our achievements and failures. In a land where recently information about almost the whole population got transparent, it’s probably not a big achievement. But we hope you’re still enjoying the read ;)


TBI Bank’s June Wrap-Up
You’ve probably been to the beach already.
Well, we’ve done plenty of stuff.


What we achieved

We made new friends and we’ll produce wonders together

If solving customers’ issues in a creative and rather unorthodox way was a crime and we needed the perfect partner in crime to help us spread our message… well, we found it! From now on, Tribal Worldwide Sofia is our creative partner and we cannot be more excited about it. After dozens of brainstorming meetings, which gave birth to many creative concepts that you’ll soon learn more about (Stay Tuned!), our choice to side with Tribal was the obvious thing to do. They share our ambition, long-term commitment, and never-ending passion to be different than the rest and reshape the status quo. They firmly believe in creating campaigns that matter, ones that move people and trigger positive social vibes. The chemistry was all there, the vision is clear, and so is the “shortcut” to achieving it. Some ideas already left the creative factory, and you’ve probably seen the new visual design of our banners and website. So, as we said, stay tuned for even more!


Monobank got bigger and was rebranded. And we’re happy for them

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the visit from Bent Gjedem, the CEO of Monobank, the fast-growing digital bank in Norway, we invested in last year. During his visit, we exchanged ideas and experiences, which we gathered as part of our common journey to the digital future. A few days later, we received some wonderful news. Monobank merged with BRAbank, another up-and-coming digital bank in Scandinavia. The two organizations share many traits: Both were founded in Norway, serve clients in Norway and Sweden (with BRAbank already expanding to Finland), and operating without physical branches. From now on, Monobank will grow under the brand of BRAbank. We wish them all the best and look forwards to welcoming an even bigger team from Norway in Sofia soon!


Let’s talk about our people 

We, at TBI Bank, care about our team. All our 1.400 colleagues do their best, every day, to provide our customers with quick and convenient access to finance. Still, we know that in order to keep our customers happy, we have to start in our own house and have happy colleagues. Let us give you a few examples how we do it. In July our Funding and Communications teams from Bulgaria and Romania took an unorthodox approach to team buildings. They went to the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium and enjoyed fantastic music acts – Kylie, The Cure, Florence, Muse, Pink, New Order, etc. They slept in tents, shared showers, did morning yoga, drank a lot of water – and some other liquids – to beat the heat, and ran a snoring competition. But most of all, they came back a stronger team. Back in June, Denis Gorbunov, our CFO, went much, much further – he put TBI Bank’s flag on the North pole. When he came back, he held a special FUNding talk. (Remember FUNding talks, our award-winning platform giving the chance to internal and external experts to share their knowledge in an informal manner and dive into a discussion with our team?) During his talk Denis made us all part of his experience. Not every day you hear in detail what’s like going to the edge of the world, sleep on a nuclear-powered boat, and wave at a gorgeous polar bear! It was a wonderful event that brought us closer together and changed our views about the world.


Where we failed

We could proceed faster with our rebranding

We often brag about our new logo and the refreshment of our branch network. Our goal is to make it possible for our customers to benefit from the comfortable setup of the branches and enjoy quicker access to financing and other services. Buuut we must admit that the rebranding of our offices is not happening as we have planned. This has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of our resources are directed towards developing and launching innovative digital financial solutions. However, the good news is that more and more branches are receiving a face lift. Most recently one of our flagship offices, on Rakovski Street in Sofia, was renovated and reopened. If you happen to be around (it’s very close to Partiarh Evtimii Blvd.), make sure to visit it. You’ll see how great it looks, how user-friendly it is inside and understand why we want more and more branches to look this way. They will, eventually, it simply takes time.


Our plans 

New strategic functionalities

During the past 18 years, TBI has changed a lot. Like every organization, we learn, grow, and mature. But some things never change: Like our customer-focused approach that drives everything we do. Each day, we help our community of almost 7.000 partners, big and small merchants in Bulgaria and Romania, to sell their goods and services in installments both off- and online. We have one of the quickest ‘TTY’ on the market (sorry for the slang – TTY means ‘time to yes’ and is basically the time we say yes to our dear customers). We’re constantly building upon it. In the last months, our management has spent long hours reshaping the strategy on how to solve more of our partners’ problems. As a start, a decision was taken to restructure some of our teams to become leaner and more efficient. After that, during a number of workshops it was decided that we’ll start working on new strategic functionalities. Our goal is to further improve the approval and conversation rates of our partners. Without getting too detailed here, we envision offering more lending as a service to our community. We’ll come back with more info soon.


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