Monthly Wrap-Up: June

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Monthly Wrap-Up: June

Hey there, our Monthly Wrap-Up is here again. It’s TBI Bank’s way of showcasing our achievements in our new Tone of voice. It’s transparent, honest, and friendly – basically the complete opposite of the recent discussions over the big European jobs in Brussels. Enjoy the read.


TBI Bank’s June Wrap-Up
Summer moved in.
And we are moving forward.


What we achieved

Our deposits are now more profitable for you

We like to say that deposits are the saving instrument with the lowest risk. There is a reason for that – up to EUR 100.000 they are protected by the government’s deposit guarantee scheme. So while you work for your money and think of ways to save it, keep in mind that TBI Bank is working in a lean and efficient manner so that we can afford to pay more on your guaranteed savings.

In June our deposit management team in Bulgaria has added 0.20% bonus to the 18-, 24-, and 36-monthly deposits in EUR and BGN. Many people are wondering how we can afford such high rates on a market with historically low levels. Here’s the answer: The efficient business model allows us to save from what’s unnecessary and pass these savings to you.

Our Romanian customers benefit as well. Not only we already offer them some of the highest interest rates – now we’ve added a pinch of flexibility. If they decide to withdraw their online deposit earlier, we’ll still pay 1% interest on the amount. You’ve worked hard, sure, but sometimes you want to play hard, too :)


Hallo, Bent!

Yes, we’re still literate and know exactly how to spell “hello” in English – but you write “hallo” in Norwegian. Last month we’ve welcomed in our HQ in Sofia Bent Gjendem, cofounder and CEO of the Norwegian Monobank (operating as BRAbank since July 1st) and we didn’t stop at “hallo”. Our team exchanged plenty of ideas with him as he shed light on how the purely digital Monobank was established and developed.

There is a reason why Bent came to visit – last year, TBI Bank acquired almost 10% of Monobank in a move helping us share best practices and learnings on our path to becoming a next generation digital lender. Bent’s visit was inspiring for a wider audience as well. He spoke at the big Financial Forum Innovations in Sofia in front of 400 guests and went on stage with our CEO, Petr Baron.

The two bank executives cannot be more different, but it seems this is how it works – they were complementing each other perfectly. The only small issue was that Bent’s flight was leaving just an hour after the presentation. Many of the guests wanted to shake his hand or talk to him, but he left with a quick “ha det”! We’re sure he’ll be back soon.


Vacation mode - on

It’s Summer and it’s time for a vacation. But for some people, it’s a totally different story. Unexpected expenses do pop up but does it mean that we have to deprive ourselves from the well-deserved vacation? We, at TBI Bank, don’t think so. And neither should you. In fact, we already came up with a solution!

We launched an exciting partnership with TUI Travel Center. Our Romanian clients can select a travel package with TUI and then, at check out, select TBI Credit. In other words, we’ll pay for your summer vacation and you’ll pay us back with fixed monthly payments ranging from 6 to 12 months. Because last minute problems should not spoil your summer.


Where we failed

Assuring access to our branches

Getting around in the physical world is a privilege many of us take for granted. For those of us who have physical restrictions, however, a curb or a few stairs can be significant barriers. Running fast towards our digital future, we lost track of our physical surroundings and received signals from our customers that some of our branches are not accessible for people with disabilities. So, we stopped, took notice and addressed the problem.

We’re now happy to announce that we’ve equipped our whole branch network with mobile ramps and bells to assure easy access to people with disabilities. We value all members of our community equally. And we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that each one of our customers feels welcomed and respected.


Our plans 

We’re changing – and soon you’ll see the difference

Nowadays in business the look and feel of your brand is as important as the product itself. That is why in the last months two different external teams – and a lot of our colleagues at TBI Bank – have been rethinking how our marketing and communications strategy should change to better address the needs of our customers and the digital zeitgeist.

We worked hard, had a whole bunch of meetings, creative juices were flowing, dozens of ideas and concepts were killed – since we always strive for perfection, we’re rarely satisfied. But we’re almost there - our visual identity will become a new face, as an addition to our new logo and the new internal design of our branches. Watch this space for all the details and prepare to be surprised ;)


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