Monthly Wrap-Up: September

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Monthly Wrap-Up: September

TBI Bank’s Monthly Wrap-Up is getting ready for its favorite season of the year. Our colleagues in all business lines are working harder than ever to provide our customers with the products and services they deserve. And the upcoming Black Friday is the highlight of our efforts. But we’ll tell you more about that in our further editions. Firstly, enjoy this one – as always it's transparent, honest, and unlike Dimitar Berbatov it does not stop ;)


TBI Bank’s September Wrap-Up
Back to school.
Back to business.


What we achieved

We’re offering interest-free loans up to BGN 600!

Having to apply for a loan can be a difficult experience at best and a nightmare at worst. You’re quickly overwhelmed by plenty of offers out there and it just seems so hard to make sense of everything. We understand the challenges our customers are facing and decided to step in. We’re now offering up to BGN 600 in a completely fair and transparent way. And if they manage to return your loan within 30 days, it will be absolutely interest free! TBI Bank is the first bank on the Bulgarian market that is able to offer interest free loans even for their first-time clients. Because we trust our customers, whether old ones or new ones. And we want to make a positive difference in their lives. We genuinely believe in long-term relationships. And if it takes a grain of trust to initiate one, we’re all in.


We’d like to keep our talent in the family. Welcome, Costin.

Everybody knows that having a big family is not always the best of things. Having to meet with uncles, aunts, and cousins you barely knew existed can be stressful and … just boring.  Luckily for TBI Bank, being part of the large family of 4finance is much more fun. We get to talk with colleagues from all over the world, exchanging ideas and know-how about how to offer our dear clients top notch financial products in a more digitally-friendly way and at a lower cost. Sometimes, we’re having so much fun that we just want to work together. Full time! And this is precisely how our new Chief Credit Officer, Costin Mincovici, decided to join TBI Bank directly from our parent company 4finance. But there’s more to it. Our previous CCO, Martin Muransky, will move to Prague to assume the position of Chief Risk Officer at 4finance. We’re a truly global family. We learn from each other and grow together, both personally and professionally. And there’s nothing better when we keep our talent in the family. Working at TBI Bank is a life-long learning opportunity. We deeply value our people, recognize their talents, and encourage their growth and development.  And, it goes without saying, if you’d like to experience what a career at TBI Bank has to offer you and become part of the family, feel free to check out our career portal.


Where we failed

We couldn’t serve our customers in small Bulgarian towns

Being an inclusive lender, we always try to stay really close to our customers – we serve them online and offline, we work around the clock to come up with new convinient solutions for them, as well as new, innovative products. But sometimes we forget that some our current customers are not tech-savvy and prefer meeting our team face to face. So, our Lending team sat down and during long sessions and discussions decided to strengthen our positioning in smaller towns around Bulgaria and Romania. So, in September we opened offices in Velingrad, Popovo, Lom, Gorna Oryahovitsa, and Parvomay.  Just a few examples of beautiful Bulgarian towns, whose residents no longer have to travel to bigger towns to experience our excellent customer service. Are more small towns to come? Weeell, we’re good in keeping secrets but let’s say new offices are on their way both in Bulgaria and Romania.


Our plans 

Christmas is coming! And we’re working on your presents.

Time is really flying, doesn’t it? It feels as if it was yesterday when we announced that our Tone of Voice got awarded. But now we’re already planning the Christmas holidays. But Christmas isn’t really Christmas if not for the gifts you’re giving to the people you hold special in our life. And since we’ve always said that you, our clients, are truly special and you are at the center of everything we do…yep, you guessed it. We’ll be giving away presents! But what could it be? The chance to win a car? Nah, too cliché! Or a vacation abroad? Nope, who knows which travel agency is going out of business. Maybe an interest-free loan or the chance to shop for Christmas from our merchant partners interest-free? Stay tuned to find out


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