TBI Bank has chosen Tribal Worlwide Sofia as creative partner for Bulgaria and Romania

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TBI Bank has chosen Tribal Worlwide Sofia as creative partner for Bulgaria and Romania

Nowadays in business the look and feel of your brand is as important as the product itself. That is why we at TBI Bank started rethinking how our marketing and communications strategy should change to better address the needs of our customers in the digital era. We were looking for a partner, an agency that not only loves challenges, but also wouldn't shy away from challenging us back.

The moment we met the team of Tribal, one of Bulgaria’s top advertising agencies, the chemistry was all over the place. We had dozens of meetings in Bulgaria and Romania, searching for the right concept to position our strategic communications. Creative juices were flowing, passionate discussions took place, many ideas and concepts were born. Well, most of these we killed – since we always strive for perfection, we’re rarely satisfied. But we’re there eventually.

So, we’re excited to announce that Tribal Worldwide Sofia will be TBI Bank’s creative agency for Bulgaria and Romania. We’re in the beginning of an exciting journey for both parties but we’re sure to quickly find a shortcut to our customers’ hearts and minds. Indeed, the “shortcut” concept will be the core of our future communication materials and activities. To us, the shortcut is the way we provide our customers with fast and convenient digital access to financing.

We will be talking friendly and transparently about how our products and services will help our customers make their plans and dreams come true without postponing – and with TBI Bank’s support as a shortcut. All this will go hand in hand with the easiness of language, our new Tone of Voice. It already ranked us as one of the best Corporate Communications teams in Bulgaria in the Bulgarian PR association (BAPRA) Awards. And, of course, the strategic communications will be in line with our vision to launch more and more customer-focused and easy-to-use digital products and platforms.

“TBI Bank’s team is excited to join forces with a prominent agency like Tribal. I strongly believe in our new communication concept, the “shortcut”. To us, it means quick, simple, and inclusive, and it reflects perfectly what we stand for and strive to offer to our customers” – says Kristina Shtereva, TBI Bank’s Marketing Director. “Together with Tribal we also will be working on changing our visual identity to differentiate even more from our competitors”.

Tribal were impressed by TBI Bank team’s strong passion and drive for improvement, innovation and optimization of each process, each day. “The thing we value most at TBI Bank and convinces us that they will be our partner is the ambition. We share it and it is a matter of time for wonders to happen to us together” – says Yordan Zhechev, CEO of Tribal Worldwide Sofia.



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