TBI Bank’s Corporate Communications team ranked among the top 3 in Bulgaria

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TBI Bank’s Corporate Communications team ranked among the top 3 in Bulgaria

On the wall behind the desks of TBI Bank’s Corporate Communications team, there is a slogan saying: Story Well Told.

Our colleagues often stop by and ask – what’s that exactly? We explain that our small team breaks the norms in the financial industry and communicates with the stakeholders in a different tone of voice than most other companies in Bulgaria. We tell stories of our achievements, challenges and even failures. We speak and write in a transparent, honest, and friendly style, with a pinch of humor and sometimes self-irony. This is to make sure our customers have a financial institution on their side that they can fully understand and trust.

Our colleagues get the point and see the value. Even better – apparently the industry experts do so, too.

We’re really excited that the international jury of the Bulgarian PR association (BAPRA) ranked our ‘Change of Tone of Voice’ campaign among the top 3 in Bulgaria. Now, that a good story, right?

“In the last year, TBI Bank’s Corporate Communications team made a huge step forward and challenged the traditional way banks communicate. We’re happy this is appreciated and recognized”, Lukas Tursa, our SVP in charge of Funding and Corporate Communications, said. Since he was not able to attend the ceremony being in his home town Vilnius (he claims that Europe’s FinTech capital), it was Vesselin Dimitrov, TBI Bank’s Director Corporate Communications who accepted the award. He’s still overwhelmed by the award and his only words are: “Thanks to the whole team that made that happen and to our management for encouraging us to be that brave in our communication strategy”.

What’s next? More stories, even better told – and hopefully, more awards.


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