TBI Bank offering even better rates on term deposits

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TBI Bank offering even better rates on term deposits

Making dreams come true is what most people strive for during their entire lives. In some cases though, dreams are often related to savings – people need to make their hard-earned money work for them. Sadly nowadays, the bank deposits – the saving instrument with the lowest risk, offer historically low returns. 

TBI Bank is known for offering some of the best deposit rates for a long time but now we’ve decided to go for something special. We’ve added 0.20% to the deposit rates in EUR or BGN on tenors above one year. After the addition of the bonus, the returns of the 18-, 24-, and 36-month deposits will be 1.15%, 1.30%, and 1.50%, respectively. And we made this offer eligible for both new and existing customers.

“We understand that the current interest rate environment is not quite favourable for people’s savings – today deposit rates are at significantly low levels and in the short term might even decrease further. We focused our new offer on the longer-term maturities because we want to support our customers in achieving their saving goals by allowing them to “lock-in” a great rate for a longer time. Our ability as organization to stay lean and efficient allows us to pass our savings from operational activities to our clients by paying more on their deposits,” said Lukas Tursa, TBI Bank’s Senior Vice President of Funding.


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