Passion and dedication rewarded: TBI Bank receives two PR Awards

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Passion and dedication rewarded: TBI Bank receives two PR Awards

Last week our Corporate Communications team spent long hours – and an even a longer weekend – preparing and rehearsing the presentations for the PR Awards. We swore, threw stuff, kicked some furniture, and at some point said wanted to kick our mentors and colleagues as well. Still we knew that without big budgets, support of a PR agency, and having established the “Corporate Communications” just two years ago, this was our only chance: To win the jury over showing the passion and dedication we show in our work day in, day out.

It paid off. Last night TBI Bank received two of the PR awards of the Bulgarian Association of PR Professionals. It’s a great addition to recently being selected as one of the best Corporate Communications team in Bulgaria. And it's director, Vesselin Dimitrov, is obviously shining. 

Our LinkedIn account was ranked second in the “Employer branding” category, and our FunDing Talks project received the third price in the “Internal Communications” category.

Give us a just minute to tell you more about these projects. Funding talks is our platform giving the chance to internal and external experts to share their knowledge in an informal manner and dive into a discussion with TBI Bank’s team. The format is one of our ways to engage our colleagues with TBI Bank’s digital transformation. It’s really loved by them – the room is booked well in advance, some of our Board members usually show up, too.

Our LinkedIn account has been a major channel to tell our success story, lessons learnt, and communicating using our new Tone of Voice. We really put a lot of effort in it – we’ve created a clear visual identity, introduced videos and a very transparent and honest style – spicing all up with appropriate emojis. It makes our name more visible to the world – and our followers seem to like it. In fact, their number grew by 120% within a year and most importantly engagement was one of the highest in the industry.

So what’s in the pipeline? Our LinkedIn fans – and TBI Bank’s team will be enjoying even more innovative approaches in our communications. We’ll start working on them – once we sober up, of course.


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