TBI Bank’s Snow Queen and her courtiers

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TBI Bank’s Snow Queen and her courtiers

Last Friday TBI Bank’s team was, of course, working hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and receive our services at the highest level. But there was one question we had in the back of our minds: Can she do it again?

Some of us were waiting for updates from Borovets, where the traditional Banking ski competition was taking place. Last year our very own Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva from the Operations departments won both disciplines in her age group – parallel and giants slalom in skiing. And we all know that reaching the gold is hard, but keeping the number 1 spot is even harder.

But our Snow Queen did it and we’re happy to share that the gold is ours for another year, again in both disciplines, with the best result in all age groups! Way to go, Zheni! But, even though ski is an individual sport, we were represented by a whole team. The other colleagues performed great as well. Sirin Dobreva from the Finance department ranked fourth in the parallel slalom. Best performed man in the team was our SVP Lukas Tursa who ranked seventh out of fifteen participants in his discipline. Dobrin Dobrev also represented us in a notable way.

Not that we received medals for that, but TBI Bank won the informal competition for best dressed team (with our shiny new logo on it); and the loudest and most enthusiastic team award. And in recognition of Evgenia’s achievements last year, they received an entire penthouse floor on the top of the hosting Rila hotel to assure an even better preparation for the competition.

Good job, guys – keep on training for next year’s fest, sounds like such fun, expect an even bigger team then! And, dear colleagues – if you are interested, start applying now – snowboard enthusiasts are welcome as well.


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