We now make payments to partners 3 times more often than the market standard

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We now make payments to partners 3 times more often than the market standard

For a lot of merchants the speed and frequency with which they receive funds for their installment purchase contracts are of great importance. In order to be as flexible as possible and achieve their business goals, they rely on the daily capital they receive This is especially true for the small and medium business segment where the need for liquidity is higher. In response to this demand, we are already paying out sales contracts 3 times a day instead of 1, as is standard for the market. Thus, merchants our partner network will receive their funds without delay, on the same day.

Currently in Bulgaria such payments are made once a day for trade contracts signed the previous working day. With the new service, the amount is credited to the partner's account within minutes, regardless of the bank, and if the account is with us, the transfer is instantaneous. In this way, the time for receiving the goods from the end user will be shorter, as some merchants provide the products only after receiving the funds. As a result, the business makes more sales and provides a better consumer experience.

"With the service for payments to merchants 3 times a day, we give them greater adaptability," said Nadezhda Kotsinova, our Merchant Solutions Driver. "Every innovation we introduce is aimed at optimizing processes, reducing costs and increasing sales. We expect the new service to support the implementation of the "Buy now, Pay later" solution, which enjoys great interest from both end customers and our partners.”

"The service was developed with the help of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and will soon be introduced in Greece where at the end of last year we entered with our digital portfolio and the "Buy now, Pay later  solution,” added Pavlina Bazhlekova, Head of Loan Administration at TBI.

According to feedback from merchants, the main advantage of the new service is that it simplifies the work process and guarantees them the funds for a signed contract within a few hours.

Suzana Babaalieva, Manager at Age-Code Cosmetics, shared:
"Paying amounts for contracts 3 times a day is important for us merchants because in this way we get a fresh financial resource that meets our liquidity needs. We also have the opportunity to use the funds for new investments, transformation and growth.”

Until the end of the year, payments will be made 3 times a day in the third main market where we operate as well – Romania  This is the next step in our long-term strategy to provide its over 14,000 merchant partners with the best services, including easy API integration, an all-digital onboarding process and alternative payment methods that follow global trends and meet customers' need for fast and efficient solutions.


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