Together with Onfido we are reducing customer onboarding time by 67%

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Together with Onfido we are reducing customer onboarding time by 67%

As a next-generation phygital lender, focusing on Southeast European markets, we are happy to announce its partnership with Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider, to power secure and seamless customer onboarding.

As we constantly roll out new phygital products, knowing customers and verifying their identity is vital for regulatory compliance. Before partnering with Onfido, this was achieved with live video calls with an agent, a process that was time consuming and sometimes inconvenient. Since our collaboration started, the following results were seen:


  • We are now able to onboard and verify new customers 80% faster than before
  • We have reduced our cost to acquire a new customer by 66%


By integrating Onfido’s AI-powered ID verification service, our customers can sign up by simply taking a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and taking a selfie. Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and then matches it to the user’s face. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present.     


“TBI Bank is more than just a bank, we’re a digital lender with a clear focus on services that make a difference for our customers. With more and more people embracing digitalization, now is the right time to switch all our onboarding channels to self-service,” said Petr Baron, CEO TBIF (TBI Bank). “Our partnership with Onfido enables that exactly - serving our clients through a one-stop banking platform starting with a self-service registration that requires zero interaction with service agents, without sacrificing on ease and speed of onboarding.”


“In today’s digital age, users increasingly expect a user-friendly experience where they can easily prove their real identity while knowing it is secure,” said Reuben Sagar, Regional Director at Onfido. “Romania and Bulgaria are seeing fast acceleration of the digitisation of financial service offerings, and we’re very happy to be partnering with TBI Bank, one of the most innovative banks in the Southeast Europe region, as they expand their digital offerings. We pride ourselves on delivering access to online services that both detects and prevents fraudulent attempts while enabling the business to scale and meet regulatory requirements.”


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