We support children in need with “Win through good deeds” initiative

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We support children in need with “Win through good deeds” initiative

Doing good to others is not a duty, it’s a joy! It is more important now than ever to be involved in the community we are part of and to give a helping hand where it is most needed. That's why we at TBI Bank joined forces with some of our most successful TBIPay partners in Romania to bring a smile on the faces of children from six foster homes in the south-east of the country.

What did we do? Every year we reward the best performing TBIPay partners for their achievements as a recognition for their work. But as you all know, 2020 is quite different and brought many challenges for the whole world. Therefore, we decided to turn the annual sales competition into “Win through good deeds” contest.

This year we had 30 participants who took part in the competition. After reviewing all of them, we had our 6 winners - Best Seller Auto, Factory Cars, SS Automobile, Star Auto, AutoClab and Automobile Constanța. Each of them had the chance to choose a foster home in Bucharest, Buzau, Constanta or Braila and use the TBIPay cash prize along with additional donations from their side to purchase electronic equipment and appliances as well as clothes, food and other items needed for the homes. This is how together with our partners we surprised the children and gave them a really special day.

“I am really happy that our TBI team managed to turn such a tradition – our annual sales competition, into something so significant for the community and mostly - for these truly amazing children,” said Ionut Sabadac, our Sales Director in Romania. “We are also thankful to our partners for proving to have big hearts and being immediately open for making such donation to the ones in need.”

When delivering the items we had the chance to meet in person this truly wonderful children along with the warm-hearted people, who are taking care of them in the best possible way. It was a day to remember and smiles to never forget!


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