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Vesselin DimitrovVesselin Dimitrov

Vesselin Dimitrov

Director, Corporate Communications

Vesselin Dimitrov has a long experience in the development and implementation of communications strategies, crisis communications, reputation management and change processes. He has also worked as economics journalist for leading Bulgarian and international media.

A passionate team player, he started his professional path at the Bulgarian Capital weekly, before spending five years as the Deputy Editor-In-Chief of the Forbes magazine. He was also Bulgarian correspondent of the Spiegel magazine. He moved to the communications sector, becoming Marketing and communications manager of ATP Garanti Koza Sofia Open, Bulgaria’s biggest sporting event. His experience also includes work for Black Sea MAP, Mtel, Leanplum, Fantastico, Roobar and many more. He is also active in the field of social entrepreneurship, cofounding the Education Bulgaria 2030 foundation, working towards achieving improvements in education quality and access by 2030.

Fluent in English and German, Vesselin studied Media Management at Institute of Journalism and Communications Research (IJK) at HMTM Hannover and Economics Journalism at the Bremen University, Germany.

He spends his free time at music festivals, football stadiums, yoga studios, museums and airports all over the globe. 

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