Our Vision

TBI Bank is challenging the established view of banking. To date, we operated as a specialized offline and online lender for individuals and SMEs in Bulgaria and Romania. We are now focused on becoming a next generation digital lender that will not only improve the financial lives of our current customers, but also of those underserved by their existing banks and those who prefer a digital relationship with their bank.

We are expanding the borders of our operations, engaging customers across Europe through an online-based journey, developed by the best minds in finance and technology.

Our evolution will take place by mixing our banking experience with FinTech know-how and by incorporating the cutting edge innovations that we develop together with 4Finance Group, our parent company. The goal is to bring simplicity to the banking experience by implementing new customer centric systems and online product lines, built intelligently, flexibly and with the future in mind.

Since mobile devices dominate our customers’ lives, we will give them the ability to monitor and control their finances through mobile solutions. We will alert our clients of financial opportunities, earning the right to be on their devices. And we won’t stop there. Through a strong partners’ network, TBI Bank will create a financial platform and a marketplace, offering commercial deals, products and services that our customers demand and deserve.

Together we will create a culture of continuous digital improvement in a transparent and regulated environment to benefit our customers. Because it is our belief, that everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy financial life.

To become a next generation Europe wide digital lender through smart customers’ tailored innovations, delivered by a high performing talented team.

Towards our customers and employees, the authorities and local communities.

In our approach to customer services and the financial products we provide.

Through long-term customer relations and our expansion to new markets across Europe.

Using our energy, skills and resources under the power of one.

Having the client in the heart of all our actions.


Call center
0700 17 571 / *8242

Working hours
Monday - Friday
| 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday
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Head office

1421 Sofia, Bulgaria,
52-54, Dimitar Hadjikotsev Str