4 equal installments,

0% interest,

for 3 months period

2 installments,

0% interest,

in 30 days


No interest, no fees  

What you see is what you pay – no hidden fees, no interest.  

2 or 4 interest free installments  

Pay at your own pace and know exactly when you have to pay in 2 or 4 installmenst.

Automatic repayment 

The installments are automatically repaid at maturity via the credit / debit card you submitted. We make it easy!


Available 24/7

Online shopping is available 24/7, shopping in installment online as well. 

4 installments,
3 months,
0% interest.
It's your turn!

Yes, shopping becomes easier and more joyfull! Fill the cart with products worth up to BGN 400, pay only 25% of the order immediately, and the remaining 75% in equal installments over the next 3 months. It's so simple!

2 installments,
1 month,
0% interest.
Buy now!

Don't wait until the next salary, shop online now within your budget. Pay your purchase/s in 2 installments with 0% interest and no fees. Buy what you want for total price from BGN 40 up to BGN 400. Pay 25% upon purchase and the remaining 75% in 30 days. We call this smart shopping!

Frequently asked questions

To apply for this type of loan you must:

  • Be a Bulgarian citizen;
  • Have a valid credit / debit card issued by a payment institution in Europe;
  • Have reached the age of majority;
  • Have a mobile phone with a camera.

No, you don't have to install anything. The whole process happens on a specially designed encrypted platform so that all data and actions are secure.


To take advantage of our interest-free online shopping credit in 2 or 4 installments, the total value of each orders should not exceed BGN 400, and the minimum funding is BGN 40. You can take advantage of a maximum of 3 credits from this type in parallel. As soon as the repayment of at least one of your loans is fully fulfilled, you can apply for a new interest-free online purchase financing in installments.

No, this is a completely digital self-service process. You receive instructions at every step so that you can easily go through the processes and complete your order with funding from our side.

The loan requires automatic repayment of the obligations related to the purchase made by you. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide the data on a card (debit or credit) through which the receivables are due.

As a financial institution, we are obliged to verify the identity of each user when applying for an online financing before approving his account. Our customers need to be protected from fraud and the risk of money laundering. This means that the first thing you need to do after approval of our online interest free loan, is to pass an identity check, which means to:

  • take pictures of both sides to your ID
  • take a selfie
  • wait for validation by the Bank

The Law on Measures against Money Laundering (Art. 53, para. 1) obliges us to identify individuals by presenting an official identity document and taking a copy of it. According to the regulations for application of the law (Section VII, Art. 41, para 5 item 6) without the physical presence of the client we are obliged to take a picture of the client's face, as well as the face and back of the identity document.

In order to go through the process as smoothly and quickly as possible, you need to have a pone with a camera and a valid ID card.


Upon approval and successful completion of the application steps, a loan agreement will be generated. You will be redirected via a link to a special platform where you can read and sign it. The process is completely secure and the data is encrypted and stored in a secure place.


If at maturity you do not have a minimum cash balance in your card for an amount corresponding to the value of your monthly installment specified in your contract, you owe a penalty in the amount of BGN 6  (fixed amount). The penalty is due once for each overdue repayment of your monthly installment.

In case of delay in your credit installment repayment, you also owe interest in the amount of the legal interest for delay, accrued on the entire overdue amount, after the due date of the last due monthly installment, for the period of delay.

You have the right to repay in fully or  partly  your obligations under this Agreement in advance at any time.


The delivery of the goods is the responsibility of the merchant from whom it was received. The terms and conditions of the delivery must be described in detail on its website. If you have a delay or do not receive your order, you should contact the merchant and specify with him.

TBI Bank service has no relation do with the merchant’s return policy. The methods and the period of return are determined by the merchant and he must have specified them in his online store. All logistical issues concerning the return of orders must be referred to him.

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    If the order is fully returned to the merchant and all the conditions of return are met, TBI Bank will refund the first installment paid under the contract with your card. Тhe loan agreement will be closed and the remaining obligation will be automatically repaid.


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