Unsecured loans

For all your business needs. TBI Bank will support you in stabilizing and expanding your company with a loan tailored to you and your needs that does not require the pledging of tangible  assets and offers a fixed interest rate for the entire funding period.

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Amount up to
BGN 50 000
Tenor up to
48 months
Approval after providing full set of required documents
24 h

Why choose an Unsecured loan from TBI Bank?

24 h approval after providing the full set of required documents

Fixed interest rate for the entire loan term

A reduced amount of documents required and a simplified procedure

No need for expense documents

Applicable documents

Application Form
pdf format

General Terms And Conditions On Loans Granted To Sole Traders And Legal Entities
pdf format

Declaration Relatedness, 08.12.2017
pdf format

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Standard loans

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