Capital Registration Accounts

Capital Registration Accounts

We’re here to help your business grow! TBI Bank offers enterprises in the process of establishing themselves by raising capital for further expansion the opportunity to open a Capital Registration Account.

Escrow Accounts

Escrow Accounts

Making business easier! TBI Bank opens and keeps specialized accounts for lawyers, law firms, notaries, private enforcement agents, insurance brokers and others.

Current Accounts

Current Accounts

For your convenience! TBI Bank opens and maintains current accounts in BGN, EUR and USD providing the opportunity for BGN and international payments, cash and non-cash transfers, the timely reception of information through our online banking system and the option of receiving bank statements in several different formats.
Account service can take place in any TBI Bank branch.

Trust Fund Account

Trust Fund Account

We want to ensure your peace and security! TBI Bank opens and maintains trusted accounts for the settlement of certain types of transactions and under individual conditions, for the correct execution of which the Bank is a guarantor.

Domestic Currency Transactions

  • TBI Bank performs transfers in BGN within the Bulgaria region via the Bank Integrated System for Electronic Payments (BISERA) and Real-time Interbank Gross-Settlement System (RINGS)
  • BISERA allows the execution of payment orders for the beneficiary for amounts up to 100, 000 BGN on the same or next working day
  • All payment orders equal to or higher than 100, 000 BGN should be transferred via RINGS. Upon customer request RINGS could be used for smaller transferable amounts
  • Fees and commissions for BGN payments: all in accordance with the standard tariff of TBI Bank for legal entities

Foreign Currency Transactions

  • TBI Bank executes payment orders within the Bulgaria region as well as cross-border transactions in foreign currency
  • By orders of local and foreign legal entities
  • Fees and commissions for foreign currency transactions: all in accordance with TBI Bank’s standard tariff for legal entities

Terms and Conditions

All transfers performed to and from other banks in the country and abroad, strictly comply with all legal and regulatory acts of the relevant regulatory bodies.

In accordance with the provisions of the Measures against Money Laundering Act (MAMLA) upon carrying out a transaction or an operation exceeding 30, 000 BGN and respectively 10, 000 BGN for cash operations (or their equivalent in a foreign currency), the Bank customers are obliged to declare the origin of their funds.

For this purpose, the Bank requires a DECLARATION completed by them under Art. 4, paragraph 7 and under Art. 6, paragraph 5 (3) of the MAMLA (based on an approved form) before carrying out the relevant operation or transaction.

Applicable documents

Interest Rates Bulletin and General Terms of TBI Bank for Legal EntitiesDownload
pdf format
General terms & conditions on providing of payment services for legal entitiesDownload
pdf format
Standard Tariff for Charges and Commissions of TBI Bank for Legal EntitiesDownload
pdf format
Standard Tariff for Charges and Commissions of TBI Bank for Legal Entities active from 15.12.2019Download
pdf format

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Business packages 

Business packages 

When your business grows, its needs grow as well! TBI Bank Business Loans give you flexible capabilities and solutions in challenging situations.

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