General Terms


• The present General Terms & Conditions on providing of payment services by TBI Bank EAD, hereinafter referred to as 'General Terms & Conditions' provide for the conditions and order whereby TBI Bank, with a seat and address of management and mailing address as specified under the respective individual agreement, UIC 131134023, licensed as a Bank and accordingly, carrying out banking activities in accordance with Orders RD 22–2270/16.11.2009 and RD 22–0451/28.02.2012 of BNB and registered as personal data Administrator by virtue of Certificate No. 0008057/20.10.2006 of the Personal Data Protection Board, e-mail:, Internet page:, hereinafter referred to as 'Bank' provides payment services in national and foreign currency within the meaning of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA), individual or series of payment operations, as well as for the relations arising between the payment services users – private persons and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as 'Customers') and the Bank in connection with the payment services provided.  The General Terms & Conditions shall not apply to the operations falling with the scope of exceptions under art. 2, par. 1 of PSPSA.

• According to the legislation in force, the Bank applies measures for preventing the use of the financial system for money laundering purposes and the Customer undertakes to respect the procedures required by the Bank, provide data and assist in fulfillment of the provisions against money laundering.

Payment Accounts

Under the conditions of the legislation in force and in compliance with its internal rules and procedures, the Bank may open the following types of accounts: current, deposit, funds-raising, L/C, liquidation, special accounts and special purpose and regime accounts: with conditions of disposal or serving a special purpose (donation, in favour of third parties), guarantee functions accounts (escrow accounts), as well as other types of accounts with the terms & conditions thereon subject to negotiations with the Customer.

• The Bank will open a current account for an indefinite time-period in the name of the Customer, to and from which transfers and deposits will be accepted and payments will be made against consideration within the limits of the balance thereon. The Customer may use an overdraft facility on his account up to a limit agreed upon in advance based on a separate agreement entered into with the Bank. The current account will be closed on the instructions of the Customer or a person authorized by him, or his legal representative or his heirs or the person having opened the account in his favour, in case the Customer has not approved of opening the account in his name, on the day of receipt of a bank account closing Request in form adopted by the Bank, filed with the Bank by the person/s having filed the closing request.

• The Bank will open deposit accounts for a fixed time-period to and from which any amounts may only be deposited or withdrawn in accordance with the provisions of the respective Deposit Agreement and the Bank's Interest Rate Bulletin (Interest Rate Bulletin). Upon opening a deposit account via Internet banking, the Deposit agreement shall be deemed entered into after the relevant confirmation by the Customer. The Customer may close a deposit account by presentation of an ID document without penalties in the charged interest, on the date specified under the Agreement. Where this date is a holiday, the account will be closed on the first business day following the date of expiry of the term. In the case of pre-term closing of the account (termination of the deposit) by the Customer or in the cases of enforcement, the Bank will charge interest on the balance for the time of its actual availability at a rate applicable to a current account according to the Interest Rate Bulletin.  Upon closing a deposit account in foreign currency, the amount which is less than the smallest denomination in the respective foreign currency shall be paid out in its BGN equivalent at the buying rate of the Bank.

• The Bank will open finds-raising accounts for keeping of money provided by the Customer for disposal by an affiliate of his not established as an independent entity or for establishment of a legal entity at the Customer's request whose establishment/capital increase, etc., is forthcoming. No payment operations may be effected on the opened funds-raising accounts until entering in the Commercial Register of the respective circumstance in connection whereof the account has been opened (registration of the established company, filing of the capital increase, etc.). Upon fulfillment of the conditions of opening the funds-raising account, it will be closed at the account holder's request and/or by mutual consent with the Bank.

• The Bank will open a L/C account in the Customer's name against coverage for the purpose of paying out such coverage to a third party specified by the account holder, whereby the third party shall have the right of receiving the funds upon fulfillment of the conditions set out in advance upon the L/C's opening. The L/C account will be closed upon fulfillment of the conditions of its opening at the account holder's request and/or by mutual consent with the Bank.

• Liquidation accounts will be opened for keeping of money of persons declared in liquidation. Upon declaring a customer of the Bank in liquidation, the Bank will open a liquidation account whose account holder will be the liquidator entered as such in the Commercial Register.

• The liquidation accounts will be closed on instructions of the account holder or a person authorized by him on the day of receipt of a bank account closing Request in form prescribed by the Bank deposited with the Bank by the person/s having filed the closing request.

• Special purpose accounts will be opened at the request of the Customer and/or the Customer's assignee in bankruptcy for keeping of money of persons against whom bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated. Only money being a part of the bankruptcy estate may be kept on a special purpose account. The funds on the special purpose account and the account itself may be disposed of by the Customer's legal representative and/or the Customer's assignee in bankruptcy in accordance with the entry in the Commercial Register. The special purpose account will be closed upon completion of the bankruptcy proceedings and the Customer's striking off the Commercial Register, unless otherwise provided for under a regulatory act.

• Special purpose and regime accounts will be opened following preliminary arrangements in case the account holder wishes for the Bank to monitor certain specific schemes of disposal, including reasons thereof and servicing the performance of transactions (real properties purchase/sale), whereby the Bank appears as guarantor for payment of the amount upon proving the conclusion of the transaction, donation campaigns, etc. The Bank will open an account at the written request of the parties to the transaction, specifying the transaction and the document required to prove conclusion thereof. Upon presentation of this document at the Bank the funds will be released in favour of the seller, or, in case no such document is presented, the right of disposal will be for the buyer. The account will be closed upon discharging the subject of the agreement on its opening.

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