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TBI Bank EAD presents to its clients the service 3D secure code – the most advanced online shopping security system. The service is available to all owners of MasterCard cards issued by TBI Bank EAD, both Bulgarian and foreign nationals on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. In order to provide secure payments to our cardholders, TBI Bank, together with Mastercard, offers static and dynamic 3D password for online shopping with card. 

  • Static 3D Secure Code is a personal code of the cardholder, which is used to confirm online transactions. The code is a combination of digits, letters and signs.

Activate your 3D Secure Code from HERE.

With your 3D secure passwords, you can safely perform transactions in the Internet through the following simple steps:

  • Enter your card details.
  • A new window appears which includes the Mastercard Identity Check logo, your personal message, and fields for static and dynamic 3D secret codes.
  • After confirming the secret codes, the Bank performs an automatic check and authorizes the payment

Fast, easy, and secure - this is the right solution to protect your card during the internet transaction.

3D password for internet transactions is used on merchant websites that are certified for the service and are marked with the following logo: 


Check how to change your 3D security code HERE!


  • Mastercard Identity Check – international card organizations which use 3D Secure protocol for authentication of the cardholder in execution of transactions with online merchants who participate in the program.
  • Temporary code for registration is a code which the cardholder can print out at all ATMs serviced by the BORICA system in Bulgaria by activating the function Temporary code for registration. Citizens outside the territory of Bulgaria shall receive a temporary individual access code. The temporary access code allows the cardholder to register his card for the static 3D Secure Code service.
  • User account – the user account is created by the cardholder during the user registration on the electronic platform of TBI Bank where the cardholder can change his static 3D secure code and Personal Greeting.
  • Personal Greeting – it is chosen by the cardholder upon the service registration and appears always when the cardholder shops at online merchants participating in Mastercard Identity Check program.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute an integral part of the General terms and conditions for issuance of bank cards by TBI Bank EAD and complement them as regards the provision of the static 3D Secure Code service.Entering the correct static 3D Secure Code and/or answer to a Hint question verifies the cardholder’s identity.Each online transaction, executed by the cardholder and confirmed via the static 3D Secure Code, is deemed executed with the cardholder’s knowledge and consent.The cardholder alone bears the responsibility for any negligence on his part in protecting the secure code and/or answer to the Hint question.


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