Credit cards


Card Issuance
No fee
Monthly service charge
2.99 BGN Gold
3.99 BGN Platinum
Interest rate for ATM payments
Interest rate for POS terminal payments
POS payments in Bulgaria and abroad
No fee
Cash withdrawal from an ATM of a bank in Bulgaria
3 Years

With TBI Bank’s high class credit cards, you receive:

SMS notifications upon every completed transaction

Cash withdrawal from an ATM or a bank POS

High security – the cards are PIN and Chip –protected

The ability to pay for goods and services online, through a merchant, or at an ATM

Repayment Methods

  • Via Bank Transfer
  • In a TBI Bank Branch
  • With the “Fast Payout” service – an automatic set up of monthly direct debit, taken out of your debit card regardless of the issuing bank
  • Through TBI Bank’s online banking system
  • Through Cashterminal
  • Via the site; Log in the website/app, select “Payments” form the navigation, then "Registration". Type TBI Bank in the search of the newly opened window and choose option "TBI Bank - credit card installments"
  • Through an ATM using the B-Pay system (merchant code: 65 000)
  • At an Easy Pay desk 
  • At a Fast Pay desk

Applicable Documents

Terms and conditions for issuance of bank cards from TBI Bank EADDownload
General Terms and Conditions on Loans Granted to Individuals by TBI BankDownload
General terms & conditions on providing of payment services for individualsDownload
Standard Tariff for Charges and Commissions of TBI Bank for IndividualsDownload

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Debit cards

Debit cards

Your debit card is an irrevocable part of your everyday life.

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