Quick Purchase Credit

Quick Cash – Successful Purchases

Quick Cash – Successful Purchases

When you find the product you desires and don’t want to wait a second longer, Quick Purchase Credit is there to help you get it immediately! Shop around freely and buy goods on instalments at our partner’s retail outlets or online stores.

100 BGN
10000 BGN
3 months
36 months

Why Quick Purchase Credit?

Credit loans available through TBI Bank in both offline or online through over 5000 of our partnering institutions, up to 10, 000 BGN.

It takes up to 15 minutes for approval.

The possibility to repay the loan up to 48 months.

Apply online or on site through a TBI consultant.

Apply for Quick Purchase Credit Online

Apply for Quick Purchase Credit Online

At TBI Bank your comfort is our priority and that’s why we offer you an innovative service – a digitalized repayment process for your desired purchases. You save not only time, but also avoid a great deal of bureaucratic steps.

Repayment Methods

  • Through our Mobile App TBI Bank – fast, easy and without commission. Download it from here for Android and iOS;
  • With a card through our online repayment platform just in 3 steps;
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • In a TBI Bank Branch
  • With the  “Fast Payout” service – an automatic set up of monthly direct debit, taken out of your debit card regardless of the issuing bank
  • Through TBI Bank’s online banking system
  • Through Cashterminal
  • Via the www.ePay.bg site – fill in the “Payment Request” form with the corresponding instalment amount and our merchant code: 65 000
  • Through an ATM using the B-Pay system (merchant code: 65 000)
  • At an Easy Pay desk 
  • At a Fast Pay desk

Applicable Documents

General Terms and Conditions on Loans Granted to Individuals by TBI BankDownload
pdf format
General terms & conditions on providing of payment services for individualsDownload
pdf format
Standard Tariff for Charges and Commissions of TBI Bank for IndividualsDownload
pdf format

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Quick Cash Credit

Quick Cash Credit

Money reaches you quickly, with ease and convenience.

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