Customer measures

TBI Bank EAD joins the general liaison measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic situation, announced by the Bulgarian National Bank, which are in accordance with the instructions of the European Banking Authority. The overall goal is to maintain a stable, reliable and secure financial system, working towards establishing a balanced way to preserve the interests of our customers, while continuing to provide high quality banking services.

The measures we offer apply to the following borrowers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

• Customers who have or expect difficulties in repaying their liabilities to TBI Bank in connection with the COVID 19 pandemic and the restrictions introduced by the Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency, declared by a decision of the National Assembly of March 13, 2020. , and their consequences.

• Customers, who serve their obligations regularly or with a delay of not more than 90 days as of 01.03.2020 and as of the date of submission of the Request for deferment

• Customers, who express an explicit desire to take advantage of the benefits offered.


• The deferral is for a period of up to 9 months, which expires no later than 31.12.2021. The end date varies depending on the date on which the client has requested to benefit from the deferral and the availability of overdue installments as of that date.

• The deferral may cover all liabilities due or only the principal.

• Liabilities, that are not repaid at the originally agreed maturities are repaid in installments after the expiration of the grace period, according to the applicable deferral mechanism, unless otherwise agreed.

• A deferral can be requested at the latest  until March 23, 2021, and the bank will make a decision at the latest by March 31, 2021.

• The request for deferment may include both outstanding installments before the request is submitted and installments that have not matured. If the client is not in delay with installments repayment at the date of the request for deferral, the deferral shall be applied only for the future - in respect of installments with an outstanding maturity.

• The client has the opportunity to cancel the granted grace period earlier than planned and to request a repayment plan.

• The proposed mechanisms for deferral and settlement of liabilities apply only to those arising from contracts concluded before 31.03.2020.



1. Mechanism № 1 - deferral of principal and interest for up to 9 months

• The amounts due (principal and interest) are deferred for up to 9 months, but not later than31.12.2021

• The entire balance of the debt, together with the unpaid principal during the grace period are repaid according to a new repayment plan for a period of up to 9 months longer than

the initial one, depending on the number of deferred installments.

• An equal part of the unpaid interest during the grace period is added to each installment under the repayment plan until the expiration of the loan term or another reasonably shorter period agreed with the borrower.

2. Mechanism № 2 - deferral of principal for up to 9 months

• Principal amounts due are deferred for up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12.2021

• The interest due for the period is paid according to the contract.

• After the expiration of the grace period, a new repayment plan is prepared to cover the entire balance of the debt, including unpaid principal during the grace period. The new repayment plan is extended depending on the number of unpaid installments, but no more than 9 months.

3. Mechanism № 3, applicable to revolving products

• Revolving of a credit line is allowed, even if due installments or part of them have not been repaid. The repayment of the installments is postponed for up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12.2021.

• There is no minimum amount for revolving a credit limit on a credit card, as of 01.02.2020 at the earliest, for a period of up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12.2020. After the expiration of the grace period the formation of a minimum amount for revolving is reimbursed and the loan is serviced according to the initial contract.

• For a period of up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12.2021, the due monthly interest on the loan - overdraft, is repaid at the expense of the unutilized limit or its payment is deferred for a period of up to 9 months after the expiration of the grace period.

The bank's clients can get acquainted with all the offered mechanisms, including those that do not fall into the order described above, reaching us on the following telephone numbers:

• For individuals - you can apply on site at our office or by calling our Customer Service Center at 0700 17 571 / * 8242

• For business clients - the Servicing Regional Manager for the respective borrower or by e-mail address:


IMPORTANT! Applying for a deferral does not require a visit to a TBI Bank office. It can be done entirely remotely by contacting us on the phones listed or via the form below.


You can read here the full document on the procedure for deferral and settlement of due liabilities to banks and their subsidiaries - financial institutions in connection with the actions taken by the authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria to limit the pandemic of COVID-19 and their consequences.


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