Investment Intermediary

TBI Bank is a licensed investment intermediary, duly registered in the Register of the Financial Supervision Commission under № РГ-03-244/2013, a member of the Central Depository AD and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia AD.

In its capacity as an investment intermediary, the Bank carries out brokerage activities in the trading of various financial instruments traded on a regulated market and outside of it, both in the country and on foreign capital markets.

We pay attention that all activities and deals of each registered and licensed Investment intermediary in Bulgaria, such as TBI Bank, are regulated by law.

For more information, contact:
TBI Bank
Treasury and Financial Markets Department


Detailed information on the obligations of the state competent authorities responsible for the investment regulatory compliance can be found on the links pointed below:

Bulgarian National Bank
Financial Supervision Commission
Ministry of Finance
Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia AD
Investor Compensation Fund

BG TBI offices