Payment methods

Repay easy and comfortably

Repay easy and comfortably

Repaying your liabilities is easier, when you have a list of convenient options. TBI Bank gives you different opportunities to pay instalments of your loan both online and offline. As our customer you can take advantage of the following repayment methods:

1. Online repayment with card

For your convenience, we have created a special platform where you can pay your installments due, in 3 steps by card (credit or debit). Enter your ID number and your e-mail, choose the loan you wish to repay (if you have more than one), fill in details of your card and repay.


2. TBI Bank Mobile App

Submit single repayment order easy, convenient, and commission-free through our Mobile App. Download it from here:

Android   iOS

3. "Fast Repayment" automated service

Through the “Fast Repayment service the monthly payment due to TBI Bank is collected automatically from a debit card you provide. If you have not activated it yet, you can do it by visiting one of our branches.

4. TBI Bank online banking

You can use TBI Bank online banking system to repay your installments, to keep track of your credit and more, remotely from the comfort of your home. If you do not have registration by now, you can make your first registration in one of our branches.

5. Through bank transfer

You can repay your credit installment through other bank’s online banking systems. Submit a single payment order to the account number of your liability, and for the reason for payment write: "repayment of an installment“ + credit contract number.

6. Payment through ePay

o repay credit obligations, log in to and select "Payments" and then “Registration”. Type TBI Bank in the search of the newly opened window and select one of the two options  - "TBI Bank - loan installments" or "TBI Bank - credit card installments".

7. Payment via Cashterminal

TBI Bank has a partnership with Cashterminal and you can use any Cashterminal device on the territory of Bulgaria and  repay your monthly credit instalment.

8. Repayment on ATM

Find an ATM device with active B-pay service. Fill in the merchant code (in this case TBI Bank - 65000) in the main menu and then your ID number and press “pay”.

9. At Easy Pay desk

Share the contract number of your loan from TBI Bank to the cashier, the rest will be done by the employee. You can find all Easy Pay locations here.

10. At Fast Pay desk

Share the contract number of your loan from TBI Bank to the cashier, the rest will be done by the employee. You can find all Fast Pay locations here.

11. Payment in a bank office

If you have TBI Bank office nearby, you can repay your installment there. Just show your ID Card to the banker and he/she will take care of everything else regarding the  repayment process.


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