Current Accounts

Open an account in BGN, EUR or USD

Personal account

TBI Bank EAD provides to its individual clients an easier access to their current accounts through a new type of payment account - "Basic Transactions Account".

The Basic Transactions Account is regulated in Chapter Four "a", Section IV "Access to Payment Accounts" of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA) and represents a payment account in Bulgarian leva.  You may find more information Here.

Interest rate conditions: According to the Interest Bulletin of TBI Bank 

Minimum opening amount: none 

Fees and commissions: According to the effective Tariff of TBI Bank

Required documents

  • Identity card - for Bulgarian citizens
  • International passport - for foreign citizens
  • Card of a foreigner issued by the Ministry of Interior - for foreign citizens with permanent or long-term residence in Bulgaria

The following operations can be performed

  • Deposits and withdrawals at the cash registry

  • Non-cash transfers

  • Interbank transfers in BGN and foreign currencies

  • Transfer of a payment account

Types of current accounts

  • Standard current account
  • Basic Transactions Account
  • Account Transfer (IBAN)

More information

The BDIF (Bank Deposit Insurance Fund) guarantees full payment of the amounts held by a person in a bank, irrespective of their number and size, up to BGN 196 000, including the accrued interest until the date of issuance of an act under Art. 20, para. 1 of the BDIA (Bank Deposit Insurance Act). The funds on the current account are guaranteed by the BDIF, established and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria, according to the procedure, to the amount and under the conditions provided by the BDIA.


  • The fees on the payment account for basic transactions are lower than the standard fees for the services provided by TBI Bank
  • Access to you account trough online banking
  • Administrate your accounts founds at every TBI Bank office
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