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Nikolay Spasov

Chief Operations Officer

Our team

The main pillars on which Nikolay Spasov builds his career are focus on continuous improvement, maintenance of a successful team and constant achievement of the set goals. In tbi bank, he is responsible for key projects, such as the implementation of our main banking system, digitalization, as well as the overall improvement of our corporate environment. Nikolay’s development in the banking sector started more than 13 year ago in Eurobank Group and continued in Alpha Bank Group. More than ten years of his career so far were in managerial positions in the field of Credit cards, Retail Banking, Project Management and IT.

Our team

Nikolay holds an MA in Bank Management, while prior to that he completed an MA in Humanities. The projects he developed during the years received several international and local prizes, such as gold and bronze Stevie Awards and leading positions in the Bulgarian web society awards. He is passionate with new technologies and innovations and you will always see him holding or wearing one of the latest tech gadgets. His collection is constantly increasing and will continue 
to grow, as long as new solutions are developed.

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