6 reasons to use online banking

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6 reasons to use online banking

You have a bank account, but you don't use online banking? It's time to remedy this!

Online banking is an easy way to track and manage the funds in your account through your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. But there's more! See the benefits of online banking and make your life easier by registering an account and using it actively.

Instant access

One of the most unpleasant things during your hectic daily schedule is the waiting. You wait for transport, you wait in queues, you wait for service… why wait to manage your money? By choosing TBI Bank online banking, you have 24/7 access to your finances and can operate with them instantly. 


Waiting is annoying but adding a walk to the bank office to manage your finances is an even bigger inconvenience.
You don't have to go to a bank branch, you have online banking. Drink a cup of coffee at the beach, relax on the couch, or even lay in your bed till noon on Saturday while making transactions and payments.

Full control

How often do you try to remember the exact spent amount of money in the mall or in the supermarket? What happens to your money is important information, but it's not easy to remember every purchase you make. Just use online banking and you will constantly know what is happening with your money. No need to remember, you can see the transactions listed in your account wherever you are.

Utility payments

Unload your brain from a few dates and numbers! You can take advantage of the utility payment service that you will find as an option in your online banking. It enables you to link your account to the accounts of institutions providing heat, water, electricity and mobile services and authorizes them to collect payments from your account when the monthly bill is due. You give this authorization by completing a form. Once authorized, the organization can automatically take payments from your account. Convenient, easy and helps you pay your bills on time.


No matter if you want to make a transaction to your other accounts or to your friend’s account you save time and effort using online banking.

Finance security

One of the best ways to protect your financial documents (card receipts, account statements and etc.) is to go paperless and bank online. 
You can ask additionally the bank/financial institution to send you via email all kind of statements and information regarding your accounts and bank cards. And don’t forget to activate your 3d security code and require SMS notifications for any activity on your bank accounts. 

Have we convinced you to start actively using online banking? If you are a TBI Bank customer and you do not have an account yet, you can easily create one with the help of our bankers Just visit one of our branches and ask to register an online banking account. 


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