How did the recruitment process change during Covid-19?: Our People Partner Silvia Petrova talks about our way

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How did the recruitment process change during Covid-19?: Our People Partner Silvia Petrova talks about our way

By now, we realize that Covid-19 will not exit our lives as quickly as it became barging in! 

It has completely transformed the world. Not only has it caused significant social and economic impact on the society and organisations, it has fundamentally changed the way people think & behave. Recruitment and hiring hasn’t escaped this new reality either.

It impacted the recruitment industry in 2 major ways: Hiring needs of companies & In the way we recruit

Hiring needs of companies: Covid-19 has changed the hiring needs of most companies. However, this impact was very different for different industries.

Due to the lockdown and restrictions, many companies were forced to shut or downsize. As a result, many organizations put their recruitment on hold until the crisis ends.

Thankfully, TBI Bank managed this situation successfully. Unlike some other companies, our company continued to recruit, however we needed to adapt quickly to the new normal. While our hiring needs didn’t get impacted, we definitely felt the shift in the candidate mindset. Now…More than ever people look for employers that are aligned with their values. Job seekers are looking for a stable employer who can ensure a long-term relationship and provide an opportunity of sustainable growth.

As Talent recruitment professionals, we need to empathize & understand the candidate needs, so we can find the best solution for the candidate & the business. 

At TBI Bank, our selection criteria is quite simple - The educational and professional background is important, however personal motivation, passion & energy are the real differentiators for us!  

This is what makes a current applicant, a potential employee who fits well into our organisational culture.  

Change in the way we recruit: Our biggest challenge was to fight the traditional basic need of every recruiter and hiring manager to meet the candidate to meet in person. We needed to ensure the quality of interaction, without compromising the safety of our employees and candidates. 

For some companies that relied on an old school manual, face-to-face recruitment process, switching to fully online recruitment was a real nightmare.

On the other hand, companies like TBI Bank, that used modern recruitment software prior to the Covid-19 were able to adapt quickly and their transition to a fully virtual recruiting was a smooth sail. Covid-19 hasn't caused the evolution in our HR, but it is simply accelerated the process of hiring and integrating the employee.

We are a step ahead in the market, as before Covid-19, we hired talent from all over world. Our multinational team of 15+ nationalities is a testament of that.

Despite all the lockdowns, we managed to remotely welcome and onboard local & foreign employees.  

The world has changed. The new normal includes remote, boundaryless, digital recruitment! We are ready…are you?


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