Monthly Wrap-Up: April

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Monthly Wrap-Up: April

Hi, it’s the Monthly Wrap-Up again. In case you’ve forgotten this is an overview of what we did in the past month, plus an insight into what’s in store for the upcoming one. It’s part of TBI Bank’s new Tone of Voice, an initiative that recently received the recognition of the international jury of Bulgarian PR association (BAPRA) awards. So here it is – the new edition of our award-winning Monthly Wrap-Up :) 


TBI Bank’s April Wrap-Up
Man, were there a lot of bank holidays?
Yet, we’ve still done quite a lot.


What we achieved

TBI Bank and PayU – partners for the common consumers’ benefit

This one wasn’t the easiest of projects. Some time ago our e-commerce team started talks with PayU, the market leader in payment services for companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is part of Naspers, a global e-commerce and media group, soon to become Europe’s second largest tech company. It took us dozens of meetings, discussions and workshops to start working together. But now we are. And that’s a big thing for us, opening the doors for many new markets in the future.

In April we’ve launched our joint payment method – the PayU Online Credit, powered by TBI, on the Romanian market. It gives consumers the ability to buy everything they want online at any time and pay when it’s convenient for them. First merchants to implement the solution are PC Garage and Flanco in Romania.


Talk, talk, talk, talk

In case you haven’t noticed – we are often asked to tell the story of our successes, lessons learnt, and our digital transformation journey. In April we were among the top speakers at three major industry events in Sofia, all focused in different directions of our business and were featured in Romania’s leading business magazine (it’s called Business Magazine, in case you were wondering).

Starting at the Finance Tech Forum, our very own Geo Galtchin spoke about our digital strategies. It was his first on stage presentation in such capacity – well done, Geo! Only one day later our e-commerce SVP Kostas Tovil had a keynote speech on the Strategies for e-commerce conference – it’s highlights became quite popular on our LinkedIn channel. And finally our Funding SVP Lukas Tursa joined a panel of Bulgarian top bankers to discuss the current trends in the industry during the Sound of Money Summit forum. Fancy hearing his opinion on how Bulgaria’s accession into the Eurozone affect the cost of funding for banks – just click here.

The great stage performance of these guys is beyond question, but they’ve shared expertise on specific segments of banking. And probably you want the bigger picture? Wanna know what changes the banking industry goes through and what’s the ‘’secret ingredient’’ for banks to have if they want to stay competitive and survive in the digital age? Take a look at the feature article on TBI Bank and our CEO Petr Baron for Romania’s Business Magazine. You don’t read Romanian? Not a problem, simply watch the video – it’s in English or read the translation of the article on our webpage. It’s definitely worth your time :)



Hello, Telerik

People who learn, grow, and create are always welcome at TBI Bank. If they prove to be independent and efficient in their work – they get the opportunity to sometimes work from home. But we’ll come to that. Recently we started partnering with Bulgaria’s leading IT Academy – Telerik to co-create and shape future IT talent. In April they’ve invited some of our management, led by the CEO, Petr Baron, and the COO, Niki Spasov, for a chat in order to spark the students’ interest at what we do.

We returned the favor few days later as Telerik Academy students visited our HQ to see where the magic happens. We showed them around, took some photos, and answered a few questions. The most common among them was by far if we offer the work from home option. But you already know the answer ;) It’s always cool to have smart people around and it’s even better to know that some of them will join our team and help us disrupt stuff :)


Where we failed

New look of our online banking – but we kept it quiet

For some months now our IT colleagues were working to adapt TBI Bank’s online banking platform to our new branding and the updated look and feel of our website. And you know – sometimes you are so obsessed with finishing a project, that you simply hit the live button to get it over with. Long story short, the new online banking went live, but our communication with the customers didn’t. Some of them called in to check if the online banking they’re used to use, works the same way. It does, no worries. And we’ve spread the word.


Our plans 

Business loans online are more accessible than ever

The launch of business loans on line is one of our success stories in Romania: Last year, the very dedicated business banking team launched an entirely online platform for financing SMEs. Our customers apply and get the loan within hours.

But why not offer the same revolutionary product to clients in Bulgaria? Starting in June, Bulgarian businesses will have access to a similar platform and benefit for the same product. Local companies can apply online for amounts up to BGN 30.000. This product will make TBI Bank the first lender to grant a loan without asking the client to come to a branch. Approval is fully online and we visit the customers for the signitures. And to make the loan extra convenient we wire the money to any bank account. Yes, your convenience is our top priority. And we go to great lengths to assure it.


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