Monthly Wrap-Up: May

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Monthly Wrap-Up: May

Here’s our new Monthly Wrap-Up. It’s not the kind of communication you’d expect from a bank, but this comes for a reason. Being transparent, honest, and friendly – that’s a short description of our new Tone of Voice – is appreciated by the experts. But we’ll come to that in a bit, since we’ll start this edition with finance. At the end of the day we’re still a bank.


TBI Bank’s May Wrap-Up
It’s not the spring we’ve expected.
We still made the best out of it.


What we achieved

Financial results for 2018 – time to show them off

For businesses, consolidated annual report are like a joint family tax return. You declare your salary income, and then you have to put in the income from your partner’s rented flat, but how do you deduct the amount you’ve spend on that Golf III? Long story short – it takes time.

That is why it took us some months to publish our annual report. Being consolidated meant we had to get all the data for all our entities in Bulgaria and Romania. Our team of finance and accountant gurus finalized the accounts for 2018 by the end of February, in order to get the balance sheet and profit and loss statement done. Then, they created a working file with plenty of numbers – but a lot of text as well. At the end of March our auditors received the first draft of the report, and the last signature on it was put in mid April.

Now, let’s get to the numbers: In 2018 we worked long hours, broke our record of loans issued, and added new chapters in our digitalization journey. So, we truly deserved the good results. TBI Bank’s Return on Assets (RoA) result, 3.80%, is highest among all banks on the Bulgarian market! The net interest margin stands at 25%, also highest on the market. Actually, let's not bore you with details, you can check them here. Showing off – completed!


PR Awards – bring ‘em on

Reward rarely comes without hard work – and heavy preparation. So our Corporate Communications team rehearsed the presentations for the PR Awards at the beginning of May for days. Man, it was hard. Swearing at colleagues, throwing stuff around, starting all over again, trying to make every word and gesture perfect. Our goal: To win the jury over showing the same passion and dedication we show in our work day in, day out.

It paid off. We received two of the PR awards of the Bulgarian Association of PR Professionals. Our LinkedIn account was ranked second in the “Employer branding” category, and our FunDing Talks project received the third price in the “Internal Communications” category. They are a great addition to recently being selected as one of the best Corporate Communications teams in Bulgaria.


A Call center with a friendly human touch

Even the most technologically advanced products require a friendly human who can explain in simple terms how to use it. That is why during the last months we’ve brought our Customer support team to a new level. We welcomed and trained highly motivated people in our call center. We refreshed their working space to make them happy, too (and that is in addition to the great location with a fantastic view on the Vitosha mountain – actually way better than the one from the head office). We established real time feedback on their work with YOU – our customers. Now they can respond to your needs faster and more accurate. Wanna try – give them a call – they will pick up within 30 seconds, promised ;)


Where we failed

We fell from our number 1 spot in K10 – but we’ll come back stronger

Every year, Capital, Bulgaria’s most influential business magazine, publishes its K10 ranking. It’s a comprehensive list of the banks in the country based on several indicators – and considered THE benchmark of the industry. We’ve been proud leaders in the Efficiency and Profitability category in three of the last four years. K10 for 2019 was published in early May – this time ranking us second in Efficiency and Profitability, despite the already mentioned strongest Return on Assets and net interest margin in the country. It’s still an amazing result considering the continuing investments in the Bank’s digitalization and a few challenges we faced in 2018. We’re sure we’ll come back stronger next year.


Our plans 

Listening to you on the e-journey

Our innovative e-commerce platform is a project that makes us proud: It offers point-of-sale (POS) installment loans around the clock and already made us the biggest online POS lender in Romania. In a little bit more than a year we have 163 partner store which integrated the platform and 120.000 loan requests. That’s a great start, but we want more – especially when it comes to our customers’ satisfaction.

That is why last month we conducted a large user-experience (UX) survey. The good thing about TBI Bank’s team – not only we ask, but we actually want to hear. That is why pretty soon we will ease the application process, make the platform more intuitive and user friendly, and speak to our dear customers in a clearer language. Because that is exactly what they asked us to do.


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