Pāvels Gilodo joins us as a new member of the Management Board, responsible for Digital Retail Lending

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Pāvels Gilodo joins us as a new member of the Management Board, responsible for Digital Retail Lending

Let's welcome а new member of the Management Board who will be responsible for Digital Retail Lending. Pāvels Gilodo’s main focus in our team will be on furthermore developing the online cash lending business, which is a key element in our digital transformation journey.

With 15 years of experience in retail banking, focusing on consumer finance and deposits, he joins us directly from 4Finance where he has been responsible for profitable growth of online personal lending business in Near Prime segment.

Pāvels has extensive background at Estonian based Bigbank, where he had played the key role in execution of successful change of business model of the bank from non-bank institution to one of the most successful digital consumer lending banks in Central Europe. He was directly responsible for bank’s business and teams in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Austria.

“Really glad to welcome Pāvels into our team of highly-experienced professionals,” said Petr Baron, CEO TBIF (TBI Bank). “We are all looking forward to him making a serious impact in our digital lending aspirations and I personally have no doubt that he will.”

“I am happy to join TBI Bank team and dive into the bank’s exciting phygital business model,” shared Pāvels. “I have been following the bank’s growth and innovative approach towards lending during the years and will be glad to contribute to its further development.”

Pāvels holds master’s degree from the University of Latvia, as well is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, which was obtained at the University of Bedfordshire in UK.

In his free time he likes to play tennis in amateur tournaments with his son, whom he coaches occasionally. Pāvels enjoys traveling with his family and trying out new things, especially new software that improves lifestyle.



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