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With TBI Mobile Bank app you can repay your loan without visiting the branch, check your loan amount or get more cash just in few taps. The app is already available. Download the app:

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Convenient repayment  

Repay your loan easily and simply: no queues, no paperwork, no fees. Stay safe at home and don’t go out to do the payments.

Access to more money

Get the pre-approved loan in just few taps without filling any applications.

High security

Protect your personal data and money with biometric access and online identification process.

Peace of mind

Get full information about your loan accounts without visiting a branch.

What to do next?

Download the app:

Android iOS

Enter your mobile number and confirm it via SMS-code, sent to you.

Upload pictures of your ID Card and selfie for your identification.

Get secure access approval and set up your passwords.

*Do not forget to allow push up app notifications and to give your consents.

How to repay your loan?

1. Choose the loan you want to repay

2. Click on Repayment

3. Select Online payment

4. Enter the information on the card you want to pay with and confirm

What to do, if I have questions?

We will gladly answer your questions and help you via phone number 0700 17 571 / *8242 or via our Facebook page.

Onboarding and Profile Management

You have to be TBI BANK’s customer who has or had an active loan from us, or who has a TBI Bank credit card. The Mobile application is available only for Bulgarian citizens with a valid personal ID card.

As a financial institution, we are obliged to verify the identity of each user when registering in the mobile application before approving his account. Our customers need to be protected from fraud and the risk of money laundering. This means that the first thing you need to do after installing the application and after we make sure that you are TBI Bank’s client, is to pass an identity check, which means to:

  • take pictures of both sides to your ID
  • take a selfie
  • wait for validation by the Bank

The Law on Measures against Money Laundering (Art. 53, para. 1) obliges us to identify individuals by presenting an official identity document and taking a copy of it. According to the regulations for application of the law (Section VII, Art. 41, para 5 item 6) without the physical presence of the client we are obliged to take a picture of the client's face, as well as the face and back of the identity document.

You have to go to the bank's office and fill in a request for changing your number in our systems, as soon as our colleagues do the change, you will be able to register in the application.

It usually takes up to 15 minutes to verify the ID card data and the selfie photo sent by the customer. The customer will receive a notification on his phone with the result of the verification.

If you have forgotten your password, you need to go through the authentication process again by tapping "Failed to log in to the application" on the screen where the password is entered or "Access problem?" On the screen where you enter your 5-digit access code.

In case of account blocking, you must go through the self-identification again, then set a new 5-digit access code. In order to do so, on the screen with the error message, select "Try again", then on the screen for entering your password select "Failed to log in to the application".

Your account will be blocked if you enter the wrong 5-digit code 3 or more consecutive times.

Data synchronization between the internal systems of the bank takes up to 24 hours. New customers can take advantage of the mobile application the day after signing a loan agreement.

Loan information and repayment

Customers can see information about their active loans to the Bank, which includes:

  • contract number
  • amount of the monthly installment
  • maturity date
  • balance of credit obligation until full repayment
  • history of all monthly installments made online (through the application)

At the moment, information on already repaid loans is not displayed.

No, the Bank does not charge fees for repayment of the loan installments through the application.

When you repay your loan installment before the due date:

  • your monthly obligation will become 0 in the screen with the loan details
  • in case you have paid through the application, the payment will be reflected in the list of online payments (on the screen under the loan detail)
  • On the maturity date, the payment will be accounted for by the Bank and reflected in the total remaining amount until full repayment.

Currently, this functionality is not available.

The payment of a monthly installment on a loan via the mobile application of TBI Bank requires you to have a debit/credit card (it does not matter which bank has issued the card, as long as it is Visa or Mastercard).

You have to enter the card number, the card validity date and the CVV code (3-digit code on the back of the plastic).

As with all online payments, a static and dynamic 3D security code will be required to authorize the payment. The static code is provided by the bank issuing your card. It is your responsibility to replace it with a permanent static code, which you will enter every time you want to make an online payment. You will receive the dynamic one via SMS.

This functionality is not currently available. The client can only repay the installments on his loan (commodity and/or cash).

TBI Neon card

TBI Neon card is a debit card with preferential terms of use, offered exclusively to users of the mobile application. What are the preferential terms:

  • No plastic issuance fee and annual maintenance fee
  • No fees for withdraws from all ATM devices in the country and the EU (European Union)
  • No fees for paying physical / virtual POS
  • No additional fees for currency conversion of transactions
  • Contactless payments and purchases up to BGN 100 without entering a PIN code
  • Ability to immediately block and unblock the card yourself via the phone
  • Possibility for immediate transfer and use of the amount of approved cash loan on the card account.

The conditions of the debit card are not tied to a specific period, nor to the activity of the loan. There is no restriction on its use - the only condition is that the customer has registered in the application, ordered the card and activated it- that’s it.

On the home screen in the mobile application you will see a TBI Neon card field. You have to touch it to see the screen with the description of the preferential conditions of the card. Click on the "Order TBI Neon card" button, and on the next screen you can select a bank account to which to connect the card, as well as to confirm/change the delivery address. When you are ready, click the "Complete order" button.

The card will be delivered to you within 2 working days from the date of order. Expect a notification from Speedy's courier, who will visit you at the specified address.

In the envelope, which will be delivered to you by Speedy, you will find the plastic and instructions for the card activation. In the lower right corner, you can see two codes: identification code and authentication code. To receive your PIN code, you must send via SMS merged in this sequence the identification and authentication code.


  • Identification code: XXXX
  • Authentication code: ZZZZ

After you send the codes, you will receive an SMS, containing the PIN code of your card and your static 3D security code.
As the last step, you need to enter the PIN code on the card activation screen in the mobile application.

You need to visit a branch of the Bank to provide the damaged plastic and to fill in an application for re-issuance of the card.

You must visit a branch of the Bank, return the plastic and sign a declaration of cancelation and deactivation of the card (if it is already activated).

Yes, you can register in the application, or order a neon debit card.

If the client does not have a current account with the Bank, he must visit a branch of the bank and open a current account in order to be able to associate the TBI neon card with it.

Yes, you can - when ordering a debit card, the customer has the option to choose a current account to which to connect his card. There is no limitation saying that the account should be linked to his loan.

Requesting a loan with approved limit

No, but you can request a loan, in case you have a pre-approved limit, which will be visible on the home screen of the application.

Yes, you can choose the desired amount as long as it is not:

  • less than 300 BGN
  • more than the pre-approved limit

You have been approved already. You only need to sign your contract and you will receive your money right away.

The process of signing is fully online, you don’t have to visit the office.

You can get your money through Easy Pay, or they can be transferred to your TBI Bank account.

When you have an approved limit within which you take a loan, you choose the exact amount and the period. On this basis, your monthly installment will be calculated. It will be specified in the repayment plan that we will send you.

Yes, that's right. The information about this offer is listed in the general terms and conditions of the loan, not in the contract.

You must visit bank branch and fill out an application for loan cancellation. It's completely free.

You can call our customer service center and ask them to cancel your request.

You have 7 days to take your money.

You need to describe the problem and send it in the feedback form in the application. You can access it from the main menu, select "More" and then "Help". You can also contact the customer service center at 0700 17 571 / * 8242.


Call center
0700 17 571 / *8242

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