Questions and Answers

1. What is TBI online banking?
TBI online banking is a web based platform which provides you with a quick and secure way of banking. Banking offers a wide range of services, low cost operations and opportunities to easily manage the funds.

2. What can I do with online banking?
• Transfers in domestic and foreign currency in the country and abroad;
• Transfer of funds between own accounts;
• Quick and easy opening of a deposit;
• Currency exchange;
• Perform cash transactions, by which you can authorize another person to pay (receive) the amount of cash;
• Tracking balances and account movements and chronology of the operations performed;
• Sending messages to the Bank;

3. What are the advantages of online banking of TBI Bank EAD?
• Access your accounts at anytime, from anywhere in the world only through a computer with internet connection;
• Organize and control your money in a convenient and easy format;
• Up to 1/2 lower fees for transfers ordered by online channels compared to those carried out in the Bank's branches;
• Secure transfers and payments guaranteed by the use of hardware certificate of TBI Bank, UES or SMS verification;
• Provides the fastest and most convenient connection to your bank;

4. What are the levels of access of Online banking?
• Passive level of access - only information on balances and account movements and / or creation of payment documents;
• Active level of access - passive level of access + sending payment documents to the Bank for execution;

5. What are the instruments for sending payment documents through online banking?
• SMS verification code (a free service);
• Using an electronic certificate issued by TBI Bank EAD (paid according to the tariff of the Bank);
• Using UES issued by a certified provider (the Bank has no commission on its registration);

6. Is there a registration fee and / or monthly fee for support of online banking?
Registration and support of online banking service is absolutely free.

7. How to register?
To register for the online banking service you only have to visit the nearest branch of TBI Bank EAD and fill out an application.

8. How long after registration I can use my banking?
Use and enjoy the convenience of TBI banking as soon as you obtain a username and password. 

9. What could be the reasons I can not get into my banking?
• You have no Internet connection;
• You have entered wrong username or password In case of any problem with the entry into or the use of the online banking service, you can contact the Bank by phone: *TBIB (*8242) и 0700 17571; email:

10. What to do if I forget my username or password?
You should personally visit the nearest branch of the Bank to get new username and password.

11. If I do not have enough funds in my account, what happens with the transfer?
The transfer has with status "waiting for processing" within one month. Within this month, if money comes in to the account, it runs automatically. Otherwise, it will automatically be canceled one month after the date of its sending.

12. Can I stop the transfer if following confirmation I discover an error?
In such cases, please immediately contact the Bank at *TBIB (*8242) и 0700 17571

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